Cross Browser Compliance

You have a global presence. Your average visitor might be located in Mainland China or remote Alaska or at the heart of New York City. Different places, Different Browsers
You don’t want your Web Page to say yes to Internet Explorer and no Firefox.A web page that works on every available browser is a unique challenge that can effect the performance of your website directly.

The challenge: Cross Browser Compatibility

Outsourcewebdesign’s in-house personal take the website through various processes before declaring it as cross browser compliant. Numerous factors determine a websites cross browser compliancy.

  • Understanding Browser behavior.
  • Ascertaining use of Professional tools.
  • Using HTML4.01 Strict document type.
  • Minimizing usage of flash.
  • Including Plain Text links for content
  • Including Text Alternatives for images.
  • Increase cross-browser consistency through strict mode.

Cross browser compliance also makes a website search engine friendly by making it easy for spiders to read and asses content. To top it all every web page processed at outsourcewebdesign goes through a stringent test by running the WebPages on every available browser No matter which browser is used, your Web Page is sure to be loaded with all its features and attributes.