HTML4 to HTML5 conversion

Move to the next zone in the Connectivity Highway. Let not technology stop you from reaching your target viewer irrespective of whether the user is connected through a computer, a mobile phone or a hand held.

Your product, showcased in your website, will appear with all its perfection no matter which browser is used or which device is used. Be it a handheld or a mobile or a computer: your website will have the power to show up on any screen with exactness. Courtesy: HTML5

OutsourceWebDesign converts your HTML coded WebPages into HTML5 WebPages while adhering to W3C standards .A few key rules that are followed by our team while converting WebPages are:

  • Avoiding empty tags
  • Confirmed quoting of attribute values.
  • Strict usage of lowercase tags
  • Using codes to write special characters
  • Adding DOCTYPE declaration
  • Confirming proper Nesting
  • Confirmed validation by W3C HTML Validator

Search engine friendliness is a key feature of websites that have been built on XHTML

What more, your HTML5 coded web page is also compatible with every other browser in use. Go ahead. Grow from Responsive. Go HTML5.