Light Weight HTML5 CSS Design

Weight is a matter of agility, finesse, and performance. A website that is lite in weight
will load faster and perform better. If your website takes a long time to load, your visitor might simply move away from your website. A heavy website can cost you dearly.

To build a light weight website, many factors have to be considered with mandatory effect.
We at OutsourceWebDesign take weight into consideration right from the concept stages of the project.  A few factors that go into the building of a light weight website are

  • Usage of Responsive standards
  • Clean Coded HTML5 and CSS3 Designing
  • Continuous validation using advanced validation software
  • Concrete HTML5 coding
  • Complete adherence to W3C Standards
  • CSS3 based page building

Lite weight sites stand more chances in being prioritized by search engines. Lightness makes it easy for search engine spiders to breeze through your website. Get your websites to load at the speed of light. A fast loading website shows a technically fit website, It increases your brand image. It empowers your product. Come, Let us make yours fast-loading website!