PSD to HTML conversion

PSD to HTML coding can make or break your website.

You haveve blended colors, trimmed images and have painstakingly arrived at the
Perfect Photoshop document. What you don’t realize is that you need lite, precise

and consistent HTML coding to give your viewer a fast, realistic and clean web page.

Have you ever noticed that some pages take more time to load while others load in the blink of an eye?

The Secret:

  • Removal of white space.
  • Minimal HTML file size.
  • HTTP compression.
  • Cutting Comments
  • Optimized Form
  • Lower case markup and text.

A lot more goes into the making of a perfect CSS web standard document that conforms to W3C standards.

  • Cross-Browser Compliance.
  • Minimizing HTTP requests.
  • Using shorthand hex colors.
  • Using Conditional Metatags.
  • HTML Optimization.
  • Optimized JavaScript.
  • SEO semantics sensitive coding