W3C Compliance

Your website looks perfect. The right images, precise informative content and engaging flash work But does is comply with the World Wide Web Consortiums standards?

The W3C is a web standards organization that sets benchmark standards for Websites.

And if your website is not compliant with W3C standards, you are going to lose a chunk of your audience. The W3C compliance factor can even effect your income generation in terms of availability.

Outsourcewebdesign leaves no stone unturned to make your website W3C compliant.

Every element of the website is critically analyzed for consistency and compliance. A few mandatory checks that every website built by us goes through are:

  • Is accessibility provided for the disabled?
  • Can the site be accessed through different devices?
  • Will the site load with all its features on all available browsers?
  • Is the coding at a minimal possible level?
  • Is the content in the page accessible to search engine spiders?

Our client specific strategies also make sure the aesthetics of your website are not compromised for W3C compliance needs. The compliance exercise also improves your ranking on search engine listings increasing your chance to be seen and heard by manifolds.. The dedicated team at outsourcewebdesign is on a continuous innovative mode to ascertain the peak performance of your website.