Web 2.0 Style Desgin

The Internet is on the verge of a major technological change and you have to be prepared for it. The user is going to take charge. Data and Information management processes are becoming and will completely become user centric.

Everyday thousands of pages and websites are loaded on to the Internet. Information and data are crowding the cyber world. How is the World Wide Web going to manage this huge inflow of material? How is your website going to be reached and seen in this ever growing forest of information? You have the right product. The right website. But how is the user going to navigate this ocean of websites to get to you? How much of user reference is your website going to earn? How is the website going to manage that reference? How much of interactivity can your website support? How much of traffic is your website going to garner?
The answer: WEB 2.0

WEB 2.0 is a technological innovation that uses the web as a platform, It equips a website with muti-functionality .The technology allows a user to gather, change, integrate and publish data. It greatly improves the user experience in browser-based applications. Enhanced social networking through rich, interactive and user-friendly interfaces.

Outsourcewebdesign gives your website the power of web 2.0. The website will allow its users to electronically interact with the website and the products it showcases. Social networking websites will become transparent and simplified when provided with web 2.0 edge.  Websites become Mash ups, RSS and. XML compatible when supported by Web 2.0.Outsourcewebdesign takes your web site through a set of tested processes before declaring it web 2.0 enabled.

  • Usage of micro-formats
  • Clear, valid URLs
  • Replacing folksonomies for taxonomies
  • Improved access control by replacing SOAP by XACML
  • Enabling user centric Control Management Systems
  • Semantics sensitive HTML markup.
  • Publishing through weblog
  • Mash-up compatibility
  • Usage of open-source software.

Web 2.0 is the next big thing in Internet technology. Let it not take you by surprise

Interaction over the Internet is undergoing a revolutionary change. Outsourcewebdesign’s know-how and professional expertise will help receive and accept the revolution with ease and profitability.